vineri, 15 februarie 2008

The 4 Laws of Sociology :)

Yesterday, a famous professor told us the 4 laws of sociology:
1. Some do, some don't
2. Everything is different in the South
3. Nothing works in India
4. There is no law in sociology
Very true, right?

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Mihail Neculai spunea...

One of my friends suggested a text on the internet written by Dave Barry (it can be found here: The main purpose of the text is to explain young people in a very "exotic" manner what it means to attend college. He also recommends some topics for the major. The main idea is to do not be an exact science, but rather one that allows... "bla-bla". Now I reach my point (it took some time :) ). One of the recommended sciences is... sociology. Why?! Because...
"SOCIOLOGY: For shear lack of intelligibility, sociology is far and away the number one subject. I sat through hundreds of hours of sociology courses, and read gobs of sociology writing, and I never once heard or read a coherent statement. This is because sociologists want to be considered scientists, so they spent most of their time translating simple, obvious observations into scientific-sounding code. If you plan to major in sociology, you'll have to learn to do the same thing. For example, suppose you have observed that children cry when they fall down. You should write: "Methodological observation of the sociometrical behavior tendencies of prematurated isolates indicates that a casual relationship exists between groundward tropism and lachrymatory or crying, behavior forms." If you can keep this up for fifty or sixty pages, you will get a large government grant."
So... apply law no. 4! :)